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Antares Vision to Debut Enhanced LYO-CHECK Machine for Lyophilized Products

Antares Vision ( which, in addition to its standing as the world’s leading provider of serialization based pharmaceutical
track and trace solutions, also provides premium inspection equipment – will premiere an enhanced LYO-CHECK inspection machine for
lyophilized (freeze-dried) products at INTERPHEX NYC Booth #2571, April 17-19. Also on display will be the company’s enterprise-level
ATS Four serialization software ecosystem.

Complementing these featured solutions will be a selection of inspection and serialization modules, including those comprising Antares Vision’s Quick Compliance Program for expedited compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, whose enforcement will begin this November. The program guarantees a fully integrated, validated serialization system within just 10 weeks through the use of ready-to-go modules and a standardized package of software, documentation and services. 
The LYO-CHECK inspection machine was developed to meet industry needs for a dedicated inspection system distinct from those applied to liquid parenteral products. Lyophilization is a process that removes water from a liquid drug to create a solid powder, or cake, which is typically stored in vials, cartridges, dual chamber syringes, and pre􀃒lled mixing systems. Because the quality control inspection of products in lyophilized form poses unusual challenges, Antares Vision was awarded a European Commission Grant to develop and hone its new technology, which offers fully automated 100% inspection of lyophiles.

Lyophilization offers a host of benefits. If allows long-term storage (more than two years) even at room temperature, and enhanced
protection from pollution. Lyophilized drugs preserve the original product features, can be stored easily, and can be rapidly
reconstituted for patient use. The enhanced LYO-CHECK machine is based on unique vision architecture comprising a dedicated
software and optical layout. 

“We view our LYO-CHECK machine as a prime example of disruptive innovation in the visual inspection of pharma products,” says Davide Sacchetti, Business Development Manager for Inspection Machines for Antares Vision. “We believe the machine will have a signi􀃒cant impact on the lyophilized product sector in terms of prolonged storage possibilities, higher product quality due to improved inspection, and lower process costs compared to manual inspection.”