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Product Technology


LYO-CHECK is an automatic industrial machine designed for the visual inspection of lyophilized pharmaceutical preparation for
injectable use (parenteralia).

The LYO-CHECK machine exploits two technologies for a full inspection of the lyo products: visual inspection for foreign matters on the product, cosmetic and functional defects on the primary container; moreover the machine can be equipped with Head Space Gas Analysis for cointainer closure integrity.

The machine belongs to a range of equipment goes up to whose capacity up to 600 containers/minute.
Reject verification system based on “fail-safe” principle ensures that containers recognized as defective will not reach the exit channel of good products.

The machine can be run by a single operator through the built-in touch-screen display, where all the controls and configuration functions are available on a FDA 21CFR11 compliant Graphic User Interface.




  • High throughput (up to 600 containers/minute)
  • High accuracy: 100% cosmetic inspection with detection of defects
  • High reliability: multiple and dedicated lighting configuration to enhance defects and minimize the risk of false rejection
  • Non-destructive integrity check and in-line process control with Head Space Gas Analysis
  • Automatic rejection system with various outlet channels depending on the nature of the defect
  • Multiple high resolution camera inspection system with high speed image processors
  • Wizard menu for new recipe or modification of current recipe
  • Fully automatic height adjustment of carousel by servo-assisted screw jacks to accommodate different vial sizes
  • Handling system with grippers which allows for easier bottom inspection as well as higher diffusion of light
  • The carousel design with external telescopic columns allows for easy access for both maintenance and cleaning procedures